Khaleesi Khaos

"This wild hearted, raven haired temptress will keep you tantalized and mesmerized from beginning to end."

Khaleesi Khaos entered the wonderful world of burlesque in 2012, with Northern Lights Burlesque. The feeling of being onstage when the music starts and the lights flash on is electric to Khaleesi and grabs a hold of her, it simply is like no other feeling she can find. She quickly shimmied her way into Damascus Sway, a Duluth based belly dance company, for a lovely two years of dancing and performing. She joined Duluth Dolls in 2014 and is loving every tassle twirling moment! Khaleesi enjoys bringing theater into her perfomances, all the way from dark and grim to sultry and seductive. She'll even add a little slap stick to spice things up! Khaleesi is empowered by burlesque and is so thankful for the many glitter-filled experiences she has had and will continue to have with the Duluth Dolls.

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