The Duluth Dolls were founded in January of 2012 by a small group of dancers, headed by Ruby A. More. Miss Ruby has flown south to chase her dreams, but the Dolls still encompass Ruby's original, delicious ideas. After Ruby's departure, the lovely and talented Alex Jost eagerly took on the position of Duluth Dolls first Official Manager. Alex left the group in 2015 and resident dancer, Miss Tallulah Creant took the reins. With Tallulah's sharp wit, organization and grand imagination, the group transformed from a couple of gals havin' a good time into a professional theatrical production. As dancers, performers, musicians and all around theatrical beings, the Dolls strive to bring to Duluth the true essence of Burlesque: The art of the striptease.

Duluth Dolls

About the Duluth Dolls

        It is not that she is merely taking the glove off, it is that one comes to wish they were that glove. What would it feel like to slide down her arm? To be bitten by her teeth? To be gazed at hungrily? Each Doll to be encountered is filled to the brim with a kind of magic and creativity that will leave one questioning what has happened while simultaneously wanting more. Within the group, each individual has discovered the power and beauty behind a body positive outlook, female camaraderie, and support of creativity. Each performer from the Duluth Dolls carries with her a strong sense of these aspects and strives to bring them to the stage and ultimately to you, the audience.


        Since its inception, the Dolls have guest appeared in many shows in Duluth, Minneapolis, and Chicago; and have produced over 100 shows at local venues all around Duluth. They bring heat to cold winter nights, sauce to summer barbecues, and enchantment to the unsuspecting viewer.